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We firmly believe that the success of any organisation hinges on the performance of its people and that they are the heart of a business and the greatest resource.
Douglas Maclure

Douglas Maclure is a qualified (CIPD) HR Expert with over 30 years of national and international experience. In his last corporate role with Emirates Airline, he was HR Manager for Europe.

At DMHR Solutions we understand that managing human resources can be a challenging task, something not all business owners have the specialised knowledge or time for. Having gained vast experience in HR management and leadership, Douglas established DMHR Solutions as an independent HR consultancy, to provide excellent HR advice and outsourcing to small and medium-sized businesses.

Recruitment & Selection

We can help you to recruit strategically, skilfully and successfully. With recruitment also comes risk, which is why your future results, performance, capacity, productivity, leadership and teamwork depend on how you hire today.

Effective Onboarding / Induction

Don’t underestimate the importance of onboarding when you hire new employees. Failure to have an effective onboarding in place can lead to a new employee being less productive, feel disconnected, stressed and more likely to look elsewhere.

Psychometric Testing for Recruitment & Development

Douglas is a qualified psychometric assessor and can offer psychometric testing during the recruitment process.

Contracts of Employment

It is a legal requirement that an employer must provide anyone who’s classed as an employee with a written document that is referred to as an 'employment contract'.

HR Policies & Procedures

In today’s challenging and ever-changing business world, it is essential for organisations to have effective HR policies and procedures in place. As a business, you need to protect yourself and your staff. HR policies and procedures are important as they provide structure, control, consistency and fairness in a workplace.

HR for Start-Up Businesses

HR is essential for any start-up business and can be your greatest ally. HR does not have to be a hindrance for growing start-ups or SMEs. Start-ups rely on a flexible business culture, so there are ways to organise your human resources that continue to be flexible.

Performance Management

Managing the performance of employees is an important part of the role and responsibilities of every line manager and supervisor. However, performance management is often hard to implement effectively across an organisation.

Disciplinary & Grievance

Effective disciplinary and grievance procedures are a valuable management tool. They help to avoid allegations of disparity in the treatment of employees and minimise the risk of action for unlawful/unfair discrimination, constructive dismissal.

Mediation & Dispute Resolution

If workplace conflict is left unaddressed, it can lead to low morale, increased unplanned absenteeism, reduction in productivity and increased staff turnover.

Learning & Development

Your staff are the heart of your business and are your greatest resource, so it is essential that you invest in your employees over the long-term.