Disciplinary & Grievance

Effective disciplinary and grievance procedures are a valuable management tool. They help to avoid allegations of disparity in the treatment of employees and minimise the risk of an action for unlawful/unfair discrimination and constructive dismissal.

When problems arise in an employment relationship, it’s crucial that the employer follows a clear set of disciplinary rules and procedures. Similarly, if an employee has a grievance, they should know where to turn for help with resolving their issue.
woman raising hand
We have wide experience of managing grievances and disciplinary issues. We can assist you at any stage of the process.
Whether it’s conducting a full disciplinary investigation, handling a grievance or even holding an informal performance issue discussion, we can guide or advice you. We can ensure all the legal requirements are met.

Every business needs to have managers who can handle disciplinary or grievance issues in the workplace effectively. We can provide training in handling disciplinaries and grievances.