Effective Onboarding / Induction

Don’t underestimate the importance of onboarding when you hire new employees.

Failure to have an effective onboarding in place can lead to a new employee being less productive, feeling disconnected, stressed and more likely to look elsewhere. Once the selected candidate has accepted the job offer, put the effort into helping them to feel part of the organisation even before they join.
We can help you to develop an Onboarding checklist that covers all aspects from the time a candidate has accepted the job offer until they pass their probation. Include onboarding tips for Managers and Supervisors to follow.

We can help you to design an effective Induction programme for new joiners. Successful induction takes time and commitment from line managers and HR.

Effective Onboarding and Induction can help:

Reduce employee turnover

New employees to be productive quickly

Integrate better with their teams

Align with the values of the company

Get to know about the organisation, their job and feel valued and in turn start to add value