HR Policies & Procedures

In today’s challenging and ever-changing business world, it is essential for organisations to have effective HR policies and procedures in place.

As a business, you need to protect yourself and your staff. HR policies and procedures are important as they provide structure, control, consistency and fairness in a workplace. They also ensure compliance with employment legislation. All the HR Policies and Procedures will be derived from employment legislation and best practice and should be transparent and applicable to all employees regardless of status.
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We can help you to develop policies and procedures or if you’ve already got these in place, we can review them to ensure they meet all the required standards.
The right policies and procedures should reinforce your business and form the framework you and your managers can rely on to engage your team and make consistent and fair decisions.
Examples of essential HR Policies and Procedures are:

Disciplinary Procedure

Grievance Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Absence Management Procedures

Working Time Regulations

Parental Leave Policy

Safety Policy

DMHR Solutions also provides custom training at both supervisor and employee level to ensure your workforce understands these policies and procedures.

Don’t guess when it comes to your policies and procedures, depend on an experienced HR professional.